Friday, April 1, 2011

Horned Orioles?

The pair of Baltimore Orioles that have wintered over in my Norwalk CT backyard are looking a bit ragged these days.
Check out the A bird in molt, of course it's not a Horned Lark, but it is this oriole's best impression of one.
Last week around 3/22 I noticed a difference in the two orioles, I thought perhaps they were sick.
Worried like the Mother Hen that I am with these two, I almost freaked out.
I started photographing them and talked to bird rehabbers, soon I saw that this was just a molt.
Wow, I could relax.... I am now photographing them daily to show the progression of the molt.
Something that is rarely seen in wild Baltimore Orioles in these parts, since they do this molting process  before they return to New England.

Hanging out near the Oriole feeders, is one of my best backyard bird friends, this Mockingbird is doing it's best Cyclops Mockery.
This bird is very friendly and is always in line for a few meal worms.
Of course all these birds need someone to look out after them when I am not around.

This dude gladly volunteered to keep watch over my flock.
I found it in the neighbors magnolia tree this afternoon, just yards away from the Oriole feeders.
I kept shooting and shooting with the camera, getting closer and closer, this bird had no fear of me.
I walked directly under this Sharp-shinned Hawk, just feet away,  it still would not flush.
I checked under all the evergreens, I did not see any feather piles...
I also did not see the Orioles for the rest of the evening, yet their meal worms disappeared while we were not watching, I'm sure they are fine, they deal with these raptors daily.

Remember that 60's song by Sam the Sham and the Pharaoh's.
"Hey there little Black Vulture Bird, you sure are looking good"
Found this lone bird in Fairfield on 3/29 keeping watch on a roadkill raccoon.
All right, it's Little Red Riding Hood, don't get upset Sam.

This past Saturday, I was the guest on Chris Bosak's "Bird Call's" radio show.
This is Chris in action in the above photo at the WNLK/WSTC Studios in Norwalk.
1350/1400 AM.
The show broadcast live each Saturday from 3-4 in the afternoon.
If you are out of range or missed the show, they are archived on Chris's website.

Yours truely on the radio, move over Don Imus!