Friday, February 6, 2015

Our backyard is very frozen, except for the tiny bit of Koi pond water that we keep open for birds and other wildlife throughout the winter.
From the photo above, some of our  many bird feeders can be seen, what you don't see is the ton's of seed that we also toss on the ground every morning and late afternoon for the many species of birds such as sparrows, cardinals, junco's, dove's, plus a few squirrels that feed off the frozen earth.

Of course all this bird food attracts bigger birds such as this Cooper's Hawk from a few days ago.
But when night time rolls in, the day time birds and squirrels go to roost and other nocturnal species move in.
This we know.

While lighting the outdoor grill this evening, I saw something move across the snow below the sunflower seed feeder.
It was well  hidden in very dark shadows and I could not make out what the tiny creature was, I thought perhaps a mouse, but was not at all certain.
 Looking through the dim light,  it looked somewhat like a chipmunk, but what the heck would a chipmunk be doing out in this arctic blast and at night? 
I ran inside and put a spotlight on the critter and was very amassed to see that it was a Flying Squirrel!

Wow, we never saw one of these in our yard!

It had no fear of us, our spot light or camera flash

It fed underneath this feeder for about thirty minutes.

Eating the seeds that I tossed to the ground, just before sunset, 
for tomorrow mornings birds and squirrels.
We just were not expecting this nocturnal squirrel.

What a cute little rascal!!!
Note the white area below it's arm, this is the membrane that folds out to help it "fly"
We hope to see him again soon!
BTW, it did not see it's shadow! So spring is right around the corner!
(if you live in Florida)

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