Friday, April 9, 2010

Osprey Nest Building 101

I was somewhat concerned earlier this week, the female osprey that was sitting on Channel Marker #1 in Norwalk Harbor disappeared.
She sat perched alone for four days awaiting her mate, who just never arrived.
This has been a special nest site for me over the past several years for a few reasons.
First it is in the middle of Norwalk Harbor on a Lighted Channel Marker that divides the East Norwalk and the Norwalk Main Channels, this is a high traffic area for both commercial and recreational boaters, these birds never seem bothered by the amount of people traveling just yards away from their nest.
Second, this sight is close to Veterans Park and other shore areas in Norwalk which makes it viewable from many spots along the shoreline.
The third and most important reason to me, is that although they have been nesting here for at least two years, they have never raised young.
They build a nest in a lean-two style (it appears this will be the same model nest this year)
and then they proceed to look at it day on end waiting for something magical to happen, they perch on the railings and peer into the nest, day after day, week after week, month after month.
As late August arrives they abandon the site and move on.
After she sat at this site alone from last Thursday through this past Sunday, she then abandoned it from Monday thru Wednesday, since all other nest in the area are active, I thought the worst, but Thursday afternoon I could see they were both back, and that they were rebuilding their nest.
It takes about four years for Osprey to reach sexual maturity, maybe they were too young, or perhaps one of them is just not able to reproduce, I can only speculate on that and hope for them a fruitful season. I will keep you informed as this plays out.
It was spitting rain as I photographed these birds today, terrible shots of course, but I wanted to document their nest building. That is quite a stick (or half a small tree) the male is bringing to the nest site in the photo above.

Delivering more nesting material

While he adds to the nest, she is eating
a small fish.

A windproof tangle in the making?

Look at the square tail of the fish she is eating.
The State has been stocking trout in locals rivers and lakes
for opening day next Saturday April 17th.
This bird isn't doing some pre-season poaching is she?

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  1. Larry,
    No clams but lots of great pictures and commentary!You and I seemed to be the only ones out there on a grey day.