Thursday, May 13, 2010


The Norwalk Seaport Assoc's new boat arrived this morning at Norwalk Cove Marina.
The C.J.Toth Quest named in honor of the late Charlie Toth, was shipped via truck from Tarpon Springs Florida where it was built by Corinthian Catamarans.

The Toth is a 45 ft catamaran with a 14 ft beam, it is powered by twin 225 hp Honda Outboard engines and will accommodate up to 49 passengers.
The hull has a draft of ten inches, but with the engines down its closer to two feet, it is also certified for a distance of twenty miles offshore, if the petrels show up off the islands we will now be able to get out to them, and fast with all that horsepower!
Hope to see you on the NSA bird cruises that will be coming up soon starting in June, dates will be announced shortly.

Captains and crew assembling the top.

A view of the bow

Starboard side.


  1. Wow, Larry; you didn't waste anytime! Great article; and we look forward to staying in touch with C.J. Toth's updates and excursions.

    Best regards,

    Paula Muhlhan
    Corinthian Catamarans, LLC

  2. Great Pictures, Larry! Really like the updates to the Site, too! "Current Moon" is Brilliant! Can`t wait to spread the Word, and get "Cruising" again, on Saturdays!

    Keep up the Good Work,