Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Osprey Chick loses life to Fishing Line

This is the July 30th photo of the one young Osprey from Channel Marker 1 in Norwalk Harbor.

This birds parents have been attempting to nest on this navigational light stanchion with out success for three years, this year they finally produced one offspring, the bird in this photo.

This youngster was ready to fledge at anytime now, but I'm guessing that while learning to flap it's wings in the nest, something went very wrong.

If you look below the birds head to the lowest part of the photo, you will see the discarded fishing line that the parents brought back to the nest, little did they know what they were bringing to their one offspring.

The following picture is GRAPHIC and may not be suitable to all.

I started receiving emails and phone calls this morning, I immediately hopped on the boat to check out the scene, it was to late, from what I know, this bird was spotted in this position on Tuesday Aug. 3rd. I last saw this bird on Sunday and all was well.

This reminds me of Hank Golet's haunting photo from Old Lyme two years ago, of another Osprey meeting the same fate.

It's sad and it happens all to often, one of those human footprints that are not always counted.

The bird has been cut down and is on it's way to CT DEP.

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