Wednesday, September 29, 2010

This and that

I haven't been out checking the islands on the boat in a while, I'm waiting for the for the wave of winter migrants to arrive, in the meantime I had a blast catching Blue Crabs off the pilings in the marina, I just about filled a five gallon pail with the tasty little critters, but after culling the shorts and females, I only had a few dozen left. The Mrs.and I enjoyed them on the patio, with some nice cold beers and a bottle of homemade champagne. I also had a few soft shells, and OMG they were spectacular.

Tautog season starts Oct 1st, I won't be here, but look forward to some great fishing in October and November.
We are off to New Hampshire this weekend, to friends  Dave and Aldonna's Cabin,"The Wilderness" a dozen or so miles north of Concord, and way off the beaten path, just an incredible place... loons on the pond, owls hooting, coyotes howling, black bear and moose tracks around the pond, hopefully I will catch one of the mammals this trip, and not just find their tracks... I forgot to mention the "stars" there is absolutely no light interference in this neck of the woods. The moths are phenomenal, I'll be spending many hours after dark photographing these little cuties, and calling owls, or in this case, they may be calling me, yes its a cabin in the wilderness, there is no TV and thank God for that!

Till then, check out the first summer American Redstart taking a dip at one of my bird baths in the above photo.
Several stop by each day, and love the water.

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  1. Hey Larry, those crabs look delicious. One of these days I'll have to grab a recipe or two from you. I had full intentions of toggin' on Friday afternoon after work, but it doesn't look like the weather will be too pleasant out there. I'll have to wait a bit I guess. Enjoy your time away.