Saturday, January 14, 2012

Brant Oddity

While passing through Norwalk's Calf Pasture Beach late this afternoon, I came upon this odd looking Brant that was hugging close to the shoreline in today's forty plus mile an hour winds.
This guy was all alone, staying in tight within the lee of the mainland.
I noted the odd bump on it's forehead and started taking photograph's.
In the above photo, it appears as though the left eye has been pushed downward from this tumor like hump.
Right side eye seems normal
Another view of the left  side eye abnormality.
This bird seemed otherwise very healthy as seen here feeding alone the shoreline
Plus just to be a showoff it hauled out and posed for the camera.

The other bird of the day were these beauties.
Often, people think of these Ring-billed Gulls as merely seagulls....
In gale force winds, it would be difficult to come upon a more graceful dancer! 
Lastly, a local Oyster Boat calling it a day.
with Peck's ledge Lighthouse in the distance.
Would you believe that with today's gales, two hunters went out the islands and had to be rescued by the Norwalk Police Marine Unit!

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  1. Great shot of the oyster boat and Peck's Ledge Lighthouse - very nice.