Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Thrashers thrashing!

For the past several mornings, we have had a Brown Thrasher (Toxostoma rufum) bathing in one of our backyard birdbaths.
This bird was very well aware of it's surroundings and was not easy to photograph, as it was very skittish.
Behind an open house window, I was able to capture a few nice photographs of this bird.

With great caution, the thrasher slowly approaches the bird bath, that is at ground level.

After a slow trip around the bath, it decides to step one foot in the water.

Then two feet, but it looks back at the window that I am photographing from with a bit of concern.

Oh, what the heck, time for a splash!

Checking me out again, with tail resting on the water.

Thrasher, thrashing?

Somewhat relaxed.

Some more thrashing!

Gathering the feathers.

Ahh, that felt good!

Time to get back to reality.

Hey you, damn papparazzi, get out of my face!!!!

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  1. These photos are AWESOME Larry....I feel like I am right there,,,,,,,,Fabulous..Can't wait to have you back on "Pet Talk"..and we'd love to go along with you on one of your day trips.
    Lauren Collier