Sunday, June 20, 2010

Black-back Predation

I was just reading "Steve's Bird's"

In his blog he talks about a missing Piping Plover chick and the possibility that it was taken by a Great Black-backed Gull, as there were several present in the area.

This reminded me of something we saw this past Monday 6/14/10 at Goose Island, Westport,CT.

(The photo to the top right is of a week or two old Black-backed hatchling, they are very cute at this stage, as they become older, they are still beautiful, but.)

Beware, it gets ugly and graphic from here on in.

You may recall this GBBG feeding on a Black Duck from April.

And this spat with the Corms from May. Now it gets bad,

My guess is that this is an Oystercatcher Chick, that the gull is having a problem devouring.
I have been watching the Oystercatcher families, most had three chicks to start, some still do,
other families are down to zero, one or two chicks.
The Black-backs are never far away when easy pickings are around.

This is all part of nature, sad yes, but no different than a Red Tail Hawk grabbing a squirrel, a Sharp-shinned eating that lovely Junco in your back yard, or a Chimney Swift polishing off a few insects above the treetops.
It happens everyday, and in many cases for millions of years.
The Balance of Nature?


  1. Also no different from a Robin eating a worm on your lawn. And think of the bizarre idea of woodpeckers eating part of a dead cow (suet).

    Love your blog, through which I can visit places I might not otherwise see.

  2. Thanks, I really didn't want to get this dark, but I truely want to show the realism of nature, stuff that happens on our doorstep, right here in Fairfield County.
    Your post reassures me that this is not offending everyone.