Thursday, June 10, 2010

Red Knot Banding Data + Oldsquaw!

Thanks to Jeannine from Bandedbirds.Org and Particia M. Gonzalez from Global Flyway Network Sudamerica y Coord. Programa Humedales, in Argentina I was able to get the banding information on the three Red Knot that showed up in the Norwalk Islands last week.
There were two birds on Cockenoe Island this afternoon, neither were banded.

This orange flagged, red banded and metal tagged bird #A9S was originally banded on 11/08/07
as a second year bird in Rio Grande, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina.
Argentina is not yet sharing info into the Banded Birds database, is was nice that they personally contacted me about this bird. (Thanks Jeannine!) The only other info I have on this bird is that they did not see it in Argentina last year, they didn't say if they saw it in prior years, but it sounded like they did.
This bird was resighted 06/02/10 Cockenoe Island, Westport, CT.

This light/green flagged bird N0K was captured and banded 5/31/08 08:53 Mispillion Harbor, DE.
It was resighted 5/22/09 thru 5/27/09 in Mispillion Harbor, (see how they return to the same stop over areas each year to feed.) and then resighted by me on 6/05/10 at Cockenoe Is.
The white flagged bird (YA) was banded in Canada in '07 or earlier, it was resighted in Mispillion Harbor 5/22/08 thru 6/1/08, then 5/23/09 at West Creek NJ. then 6/5/10 at Cockenoe Island.
Cool Stuff, Huh!

Speaking about arctic nesting birds, why were these four Oldsquaw vacationing in the Norwalk Islands today, they appear to be two males to the left and two females to the right, click on the photo to enlarge.
Note the green grass in the backround, you don't see this when these birds are normally here.
Many duck/goose species lose their flight feathers this time of year, these birds could not fly enough to gain any altitude, guess they are stuck here for the summer?
The photo on the top was a fly by Osprey I saw while coming up the harbor this afternoon.

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