Friday, January 7, 2011


The wind gauge read zero, the thermometer said 29 degrees, chilly for a boat trip, but with the lack of wind
I made up my mind to go get a quick look outside the islands, as weather is expected this weekend.
As usual, flocks of sea ducks were everywhere, brant, scoter, long-tail, scaup and others.
With no razorbills in sight, I headed towards Cockenoe Island. I spotted a bird, sitting on the water in the distance and all by its self, an eider?
I slowly turned towards it, taking pictures all the way.

I can see this bird swimming in the current, turning side to side, I continue taking pictures, but something is just not right, I spy it with my bins, I'm still not getting it.
As I get closer, I wonder, is this the Real McCoy?

Holy Duck Decoy, I've been Duped!
I would never expect to see one of these a few miles off shore. The jokes on me!
The current makes it appear to be swimming along, and this thing actually turns side to side.
Very realistic, maybe I'll troll her behind the boat one of these days when mating season nears and the boys start getting frisky!
By the looks of it, this Hoodie was also target practice at some point.

For whatever reason the birds were very accomodating today, as this Common Loon was, and the
White-winged Scoter in the first photo.

I found a few Long-tail to pose for the camera.
This beautiful Male...

... and this handsome pair.

Back in the harbor, I see this Great Blue Heron, perched on a mooring buoy.
The bird lost its balance with my wake and flew off to the next ball.

It soon learned to balance perfectly on the rocking ball.
I'm thinking Miyagi and Daniel in the Karate Kid ...
...the piling scene, near the shoreline.
Focus Daniel-san Focus!

This American Coot is a year round resident in Norwalk Harbor, I have followed him for four years now, he paddles along the marinas in the harbor, feeding along the docks and boat fingers.
My guess is he can't fly, but otherwise appears healthy.

Up river, north of the two bridges is the Water Treatment Plant, a good spot to find dabbling ducks.
This American Wigeon was slurping in the shallows, when he finally raised his head, I caught him
drooling some rather viscous water.

Another look at this beauty.

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