Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Iced Oriole

This mornings winter storm only dumped an inch or two of snow in our yard, by 6AM it had turned to rain.
The problem with the rain is that it was only 24 degrees outside, ice was forming as fast as the precipitation hits the ground.
I was concerned for the Baltimore Oriole, today will be the seventh day that she has been here.
I went out in the early morning dark and found the feeder frozen.
I brought it inside, cleaned it up with hot water, put a new orange half on it and fresh jelly in the trays, then brought it back outside to it's place.

Soon after dawn, she was at the feeder, I guess I forgot to take care of the other feeder.
No hummingbirds here, but I keep trying.

Poor bird is soaked.

The half frozen Koi pond is popular with robins and other, with plenty of unfrozen water.

Squirrels are always taking advantage of the open water.

Norther Flicker raiding the suet this morning.
There were hundreds of birds this morning as I spread large amounts of seed and nuts over the frozen snow and ice covered ground.
Outside of the oriole, no others birds were out of the normal species that could be here.  

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