Saturday, January 15, 2011


I peeked out the window Wednesday morning, yellow tail feathers were the first thing I saw, white belly, grey wings and white wing bars.
I thinking that this isn't your normal yellow shafted flicker, or  yellow bellied sapsucker, birds one might expect to see in Connecticut with a few feet of snow on the ground.
In fact, I'm still digging out of Tuesdays 18" snowfall, so what is a Baltimore Oriole doing at my suet feeder?
I grab a cup of coffee, shook off the fuzzies and take another look, OMG it is a Baltimore Oriole,
I grab the camera.
This young lady was sampling all the goodies, she enjoyed the several suet feeders, moved on to the split peanuts, and then grabbed a few sunflower seeds

She fed like there was no tomorrow, lucky for her my feeders are filled with high fat content goodies to replenish her needs.
After her feeding binge, I lost sight of her.
 Later a friend of mine, stopped by and re-sighted the bird perched in one of the cedar trees in the backyard.
The bird was seen again later in the afternoon, perched in a neighbors yard.

Friday morning came, and after some quick feeding the oriole flew to our always open water bird bath, had a few drinks and then hopped in for this invigorating bath, singing that constant oriole rattle chatter, the whole time. 

The temperature was 11 degrees Fahrenheit, yet she enjoyed her bath.
I put out my oriole feeder with oranges and Poloner All Fruit Grape Jelly.
She ate from them both on Friday.
I did not see her this morning, and had to leave for much of the day,
When I returned home, I never did see the bird, but most of the jelly was gone.

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